How later life lending schemes can help 

Over 55 equity release plans can be used to provide: 
Home improvements 
Pay off mortgage & debts 
Gifting to the younger generation 
Funding care & medical fees 
Divorce finance 
New house purchase 
That holiday of a lifetime you've always dreamed of! 
Early retirement / supplementing income 
If you’d like to find out more about how our tax-free equity release plans can help to finance changes to your home and garden, or help improve the lives of yourselves or your family, book an initial, no-obligation consultation to speak with us today. 
The most common form of equity release is a Lifetime Mortgage, where a loan is secured against the property. The loan, along with any accrued interest, is repaid when the homeowner passes away or moves into long-term care. 
Another type of equity release is a home reversion plan, where the homeowner sells a percentage of their property to a provider in exchange for a tax-free lump sum or ad-hoc payments. They do, however, retain the right to live in the property until they pass away or move into care. 
Funds released are tax-free. 

Lifetime Mortgages 

Modern lifetime mortgages are at the forefront of financial planning by providing access to tax-free funds to meet the clients’ objectives. There are no repayments required during their lifetime and full home ownership is retained. 
Lifetime mortgage plans today offer excellent flexibility, as you can choose to make repayments of up to 10% per year (or more on some plans), penalty free. This can slow down or stop the roll-up of interest, like an interest only mortgage. Or even reduce the capital balance over time, like a traditional capital and repayment mortgage. 
Another bonus is that you can repay the mortgage back, subject to terms and conditions. 

Equity Release Calculator 

The calculator below enables you to get an idea of what may be available based on your age and property value. This is, however, a basic calculation and only an indication of the offer. 
It is always recommended to get in touch with us directly as we may be able to secure more funds for you. 
Please remember: if you are a couple, use the youngest age in the calculator. 
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